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Surreal Uncertainty

I have thought over the last few weeks of what to write. Not sure of what to speak. Wondering if my prowess would reach the limitation of maniacal understanding. I first sought to comprehend the storm that tore through imagination, by way of a tornado in Tennessee. Some images I will never unsee. I will never unsee what remained of what was once a budding pillar in the community. I wanted to unsee the despair. I wanted to unsee the pain. I wanted the 23rd Psalms to confirm for me that, the Lord was truly my Shepherd, even in disparaging times. The world watched and held their breath as the list of those deceased, included multiple children. Though we walked through the valley of the shadow.I see clearer now, like the skyline with unpolluted thought processing (Prepared table). We are now reliant on our fellow neighbor. We are operating in who we have always been called to be (overflowed cup). Even the cataclysmic falling of inevitable death around the globe, love thy neighbor as thyself is articulated (Goodness and mercy). Maybe we had to slow down in life to appreciate the space created to just be. To just be Free ( For You are with me). As we continue to shift in this season (the Rod) may we find Peace to endure and grace to forgive others that trespass. May we seek greater through supplication in prayer (Prepared Table).

It is my earnest prayer that we all take this time to live and love more (goodness and mercy). Taking this new normal and time to dwell in His House.

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