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Dr. Morgan Babb

The Rev. Morgan Babb was the founder of Babb Memorial/King Solomon MBC. The ministry began on December 31st 1965 with him and his family and grew to become one of the most influential ministries in the Greater Nashville area.

Pastor Babb owned, operated and starred on station WMBD-AM, which he founded in 1983. He previously spent almost 30 years as a gospel broadcaster, and gospel program director on WVOL-AM in Nashville, TN. Rev. Babb was born in Russellville, Ky., in 1929. He was the youngest of seven brothers who later became known as the Radio Four in 1950. Dr. Babb later became the lead singer, and guitarist. He began his career in broadcasting at WHOP in Hopkinsville, Ky., in 1948.

Throughout the years whether Morgan Babb was singing gospel music, broadcasting, or preaching the word, he never stopped doing what he loved the most, pastoring the congregation at Babb Memorial/King Solomon MBC. Although Pastor he and his wife Lorall Babb had 7 kids, Pastor Babb always referred to the church as one of his children. He continued to preach and pastor his flock until he passed away on February 7, 2014.

Pastor Montagne

Pastor Montagne McDonald preaches and teaches the Word of God with conviction and passion.  Pastor McDonald is the grandson of the legendary Rev. Dr. Morgan Babb, the founder of King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church.  Pastor McDonald has been in ministry since 1992.  A former broadcaster at WMDB, Pastor McDonald has always been a part of ministering God’s word in some capacity, whether it is, teaching, preaching, motivational speaking, publishing, advocating against mental health stigmas, or life/relationship/marriage/ministry coaching.  With a BA in Psychology, Pastor Montagne McDonald, a certified Life Coach, seeks to serve God and the community.

Check out Pastor McDonald's website at

Lady Connie

Lady Connie McDonald is the First Lady of Babb Memorial/King Solomon MBC and a published author and poet, and minister. Lady McDonald self-published her first book, “Beaten but Not Defeated” in 2003. The book is a testimonial of Lady Connie enduring, and overcoming domestic violence and how God is healing her every day. She is also a published poet, with poetry featured on Connie has a heart for ministry and is currently working with the Progressive Ladies of King Solomon MBC, the women’s ministry group at Babb Memorial/King Solomon MBC. This ministry is working with women’s groups within the Nashville area to provide assistance, and hope to the women of Nashville, TN. Lady McDonald is the wife of Pastor Montagne McDonald, and they have two sons, Deondre and William. Check out First Lady McDonald's website at to get more info on her books.

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