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It's about Ministry!

Missionary Ministry

Babb Memorial King Solomon MBC is a church with a mission to make a difference in the community it serves. Pastor Montagne McDonald has said on many occasions, "we cannot just take up space in this community and not serve the community." Our Missionary Ministry partners with, and donates to, local non-profits like Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center, Nashville Rescue Mission, Buena Vista Elementary School, Partners in the Struggle, and other various charities that serve the North Nashville area. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is by assisting non-profits who do great work to better the community, by giving financially, as well as volunteering to work with these great organizations. Our mission is to be missionaries to the community we serve, to help build a stronger community.

The Progressive Ladies of KSMBC

First Lady Lorall Babb started the Progressive Ladies of King Solomon MBC to meet the needs of women in the church. She initiated many programs within the church as the women's group grew tremendously. First Lady Connie McDonald seeks to continue the tradition. The women of Babb Memorial/King Solomon MBC, led by First Lady McDonald works to serve the community by seeking to minister to the needs of women. They have partnered with the

Women's Shelter run by the Nashville Rescue Mission and help to provide necessary supplies to the women and children of the shelter. They host an annual women's day to fellowship with women in the church and the community. As they work to strengthen the ties that bind women in sisterhood. They seek to bring women to Jesus as whole individuals joining the body of Christ.

Christians for Mental Healing

Christians for mental Healing is a movement as much as it is an outreach of Babb Memorial/King Solomon MBC. Pastor Montagne McDonald has a passion for fighting stigmas attached to mental illness, so he began seeking like-minded individuals who would help in changing the narrative in the church concerning mental illness. It is our goal to encourage dialog in the church about the validity, and normalcy of mental health issues. We hope to change the paradigm of the Christian who sees mental illness as a curse, demonic, or a sign of weakness. We seek to promote wellness through resource material, and seminars. Our goal is to educate fellow Christians on the tremendous strides that have been made in regard to mental health treatment. We wish to give them the hope they need to live the abundant life that Jesus Christ promised.

U Matter Helping Hands Ministry (Partnership)

U Matter Helping Hands Ministry is a social services organization, founded and operated by Danielle Brown, committed to aiding those in need while advocating for fair and equal conditions for everyone in the Middle Tennessee area. We are driven by our passion in aiding the unhoused, and young people who have aged out of foster care and seek stability. We always work hard in our efforts to build a better future for our clients and connect them with outside agencies when necessary. It is our mission to partner with other non-profit institutions to better perform our social service responsibilities. We are dedicated to improving the life quality of everyone in our society. You can reach us at 217-474-6224 to find out more about us.

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