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Is The Pudding Real

There is a old proverb that goes like this: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”.   You can’t tell if the pudding is good or bad if you don’t taste it.  Once you taste it you will know if it is an imitation store-bought pudding or a true old fashion grandma pudding.  But what if you’ve never had pudding?  You can’t distinguish between a true grandma pudding, or a store-bought pudding.  That’s the same concept for telling the difference between a true “God sent” and just being “sent”.

The Priest of Jerusalem challenged Jesus as to who He was.  John 10:22-30 is a great example of not knowing what a true “grandma pudding tastes like” The Priest circled Jesus in an area known as “Solomon’s Porch” (Easy Bible Version).  They interrogated Him wanting to know when He was going to tell them who He truly was.  His response in John 10:25 “I told you, and you do not believe. The works that I do in my Father’s name bear witness about me.”  The Priest apparently have never heard God’s voice or seen His works to recognize it.  They’ve never had real pudding.

How do you know whether a person has God's Spirit in him? He must agree that Jesus is God's Messiah who was born as a human baby. If someone says that, then he has God's Spirit. 3 But if someone does not agree to say that about Jesus, he does not have God's Spirit. That person has a spirit that comes from the enemy of Christ. You have heard that this enemy of Christ would come among us. Now this spirit is already here in the world.” 1 John 4:1-2.  As with a Shepard, his sheep will only obey his master’s voice. The Shepard will lay down his life for just one of his sheep because all are important. Just as Jesus did for us. 

Know who you are following.  If the works don’t follow the instructions in the Bible.  They are  not the real pudding.


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