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Dinosaur dilemma proves God's Timing

So there I was, elbow deep in Lysol and Clorox, with Spotify's Gospel playlist blaring in the background of water rushing through the bathtub faucet.

Meanwhile, from the playroom, my son's voice started breaking through my little soap bubble world. "Mama! Mama!" he shouted, each call layered with a mix of frustration and need. He was in the thick of his dinosaur adventure, but something was up. "Can you help me? The T-Rex's leg broke!" he cried out, his voice carrying a weight of world-ending importance—at least, in the realm of his play mat.

Picture this: I'm there, sponge in one hand, cleaner in the other, and there's my kid, constantly calling out, ‘Mama! Mama! Can you do this? I need that!’ It’s his way of communicating his needs and desires. And in that simple, everyday interaction, I saw a reflection of our conversations with God.

It's kind of funny when you think about it. Here I am, trying to get the bathroom to a state where we can have guests over without me dying of embarrassment, and there's my munchkin, completely caught up in his dino drama, fully expecting that I'll drop everything to come help.

Like I assure my son, ‘I hear you, and I’ll help, but just give me a little time to get things together’ it occurred to me that God might respond similarly to us.

This whole scene got me thinking. Our prayers, our calls for help, they're kind of like my son's urgent requests for his T-Rex. He’s orchestrating the best outcome. Just as a parent does for their child, God, in His wisdom, might ask us to wait or meet certain conditions, not as a denial, but as a way to prepare us for what’s best.

I couldn't help but smile at the thought. Once I was done with the cleaning, I made my way to the playroom, ready to tackle the T-Rex issue. Seeing my son's face light up when I came in—that was everything. It was a clear reminder that all those moments of waiting, of not getting exactly what we want when we shout out, they're all part of something bigger.

This perspective offers comfort in those moments when we feel unheard or when we’re waiting for an answer. It’s a gentle reminder that God hears us, and He’s working behind the scenes in ways we might not immediately grasp, but always for our good. Just like we do the best for our kids, God does the same for us.

So, the next time you find yourself sending up a prayer or a wish or whatever you call it, just picture it as one of those 'Mama!' calls from the other room. Know that you're heard, and the answer, the help, is on its way.

Alechia Dean 2024


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