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Peace in GoodBye

I find myself in my thoughts at 4 am. There have been times when I have played the roster of daughter, friend, sister, aunt mother, significant other, the captor. Risking everything to save others, while deteriorating my own personal growth. Creating spaces that appeared to be checkers but providing chess pieces in entities that deserved no board. Having sought time after time to repair broken hearts mend failed ships of relations. The shoulder to hear the cries of other' brokenness. Time after time extending the olive branch of life to bridge connectedness all the while the discontinuity of peril in seeking acceptance in line with what love says it is. Genuine love. Unadulterated Divine Love. To Whom It May Concern:

Today, I found me. When you were naked I clothed. When hungry I fed. When all cried out I held. When nowhere to go I took in. And when you arrived at a place of happenstance you hopped from the fall of gravity with not as much as. Thank You. Please sir, ma'am, KEEP that same energy as I find Peace in my Goodbye.


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